Articles Published (Han)

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Bmi-1 cooperates with human papillomavirus type 16 E6 to immortalize normal human oral keratinocytes

Kim,R.H., Kang,M.K., Shin, K., Oo,Z.M., Han,T.J., Baluda,M.A., Park,N-H. Experimental Cell Research 313(2007) 462-472…Read More

Elevated Bmi-1 expression is associated with dysplastic cell transformation during oral carcinogenesis and is required for cancer cell replication and survival

Kang,MK., Kim,RH., Kim,SJ., Yip,FY., Shin,KH., Dimri,GP., Christensien,R., Han,TJ., and Park,N-H. British Journal of Cancer(2007)96,126-133…Read More

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