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Bone and Crescent Shaped Free Gingival Grafting for Anterior Immediate Implant Placement: Technique and Case Report

Han, TJ., Jeong, C. Journal of Implant and Advanced clinical Dentistry(JIACD – July/Aug. 2009.…Read More

The Strip Gingival Autograft Technique

Han, T.J., Takei, H.H., and Carranza, F.A. Jr. Internat. J. Periodont. Restor. Dent. 13,2:180-187, 1993…Read More

Progress in gingival papilla reconstruction

Han. T.J., Takei, H.H., Periodontology 2000, Vol. 11, 65-68, 1996…Read More

Immediate Implant Placement with Immediate Provisional Crown Placement: Three case report.

Park, K.B., Han, T.J., Kenney, B. Prac. Perio. Aesthetic. Dent. 2002: 14 (2)…Read More

Flap Technique for Periodontal Bone Implants

H.H. Takei, T.J. Han, F.A. Carranza, Jr., E.B. Kenney and V. Lekovic, J. Periodontol. 56:204-210, 1985…Read More

Strip Gingival Autograft Used to Correct Mucogingival Probiems Around Implants

Han, T.J., Klokkevold, P., and Takei, H.H. Internat. J. Periodont. Restor. Dent. 13, 4:405-410, 1995…Read More

Direct custom implant impression copings for the preservation of the pontic receptor site architecture

Schoenbaum, TR., Han, TJ. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry (2012);107:203-206…Read More

How Do Smoking, Diabetes, and Periodontitis Affect Outcomes of Implant Treatment?

Klokkevold PR, Han TJ. Int j Oral maxillofac Implants 2007, 22(Suppl.)173-202…Read More

Calcium phosphate ceramics in dentistry.

T.J. Han, F.A. Carranza, Jr. and E.B. Kenney. J. Western Soc. Periodontal 32(3):88-108, 1984.…Read More

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