Implantology Exploration

Photo of Dr. Han on projector screen

Implantology Exploration, No. 6, July 2014, published by Sunriser Medical Co. LTD, Taipei, Taiwan.

Recently, I was interviewed for a dental implant product magazine called Implantology Exploration, Vol. No. 6, July 2014, published by the Sunrise Medical Co. LTD, Taipei Taiwan. The interviewer asked me questions regarding my thoughts on implant surgical techniques and technologies, my philosophies on teaching and being a dentist, involvements in organized dentistry and community services, as well as patient care in general. I decided to paste the interview it in my blog. I hoping many of you agree with my views. You can also see the PDF file of the whole magazine under the Clinically Interesting section of the Publications in my web site,

Click here to download the full interview