The 2014 39th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry: The Legacy of Esthetic Dentistry (Santa Barbara, Ca.)

August 5-8, 2014

Predictable, Minimally Invasive, Immediate Implant Placement for Complex Esthetic Cases(August 8).

Lecture Abstract:
Placing dental implants in the esthetic zone, where there is extensive alveolar bone loss from dento-alveolar infection or other pathology is a major challenge in implant surgery. With heightened esthetics expectations pushing the art and science of dentistry, it is necessary now more than ever for clinicians to fully understand all of the available options for treatment and to appropriately decide which ones to use, where and when to use them, and how to utilize each on a patient by patient basis. An important treatment objective for a clinician should be to utilize a surgical approach that minimizes the extent and number of procedures. This must be done while providing predictability, longevity and acceptable esthetics. Immediate implant placement using a one stage approach, involving simultaneous bone and soft tissue grafting, can be used to preserve the vertical heights of interdental papilla between implants, even in cases with extensive alveolar bone loss. Often, this approach results in better esthetics when compared to the conventional delayed approach of implant placement when dealing with multiple adjacent implants. However, there are several aspects of soft and hard tissue situations that a clinician needs to recognize, compensate and manage during surgeries to ensure esthetic predictability and longevity. In this presentation, the examination and thought process involved in the diagnosis and treatment planning of complex maxillary anterior immediate implant placements in the esthetic zone will be discussed. Predictable surgical techniques of immediate implant placement in challenging situations will be presented with clinical and scientific rationales. New surgical techniques, which can be utilized in immediate implant placement to increase esthetic predictability while minimizing patient discomfort, will be described and demonstrated with short videos. Long term results of the described surgical approaches will also be presented.