The 2014 USC-Taiwan Comprehensive Implant and Esthetic Dentistry Symposium (Taipei, Taiwan)

September 14, 2014

Importance of Restorative and Functional Diagnosis for Predictable Surgical Management of Complex Esthetic Cases.

Lecture Abstract:
The goal of implant dentistry is to provide functional restoration that is biologically compatible and esthetically acceptable for the patient, while minimizing discomfort and morbidity. With heightened esthetic and functional expectations pushing the art and science of dentistry, it is necessary now more than ever for clinicians to understand the fundamentals of all the disciplines within dentistry and to possess clinical knowledge of the variety of available options for treatment. This holistic knowledge allows the clinician to appropriately decide which options to use, where and when to use them, and how to utilize each on a patient by patient basis. In this presentation, the examination and thought process involved in the diagnosis and treatment planning of complex maxillary anterior implant placements in the esthetic zone will be discussed. The importance and the parameters for dentofacial, biomechanical, functional and periodontal risk assessment in treatment planning will be emphasized. Predictable surgical techniques for implant placement in challenging situations will be presented with clinical and scientific rationales. Surgical techniques, which can be utilized to increase esthetic predictability while minimizing patient discomfort, will also be described.