The 31st ICOI World Congress (Tokyo): The Future of Implant Dentistry (Tokyo Forum, Japan)

October 3-5, 2014 2014

Predictable, Minimally Invasive, Immediate Implant Placement for Complex Esthetic Cases.

Lecture Abstract:
A major challenge in implant surgery is that, in many instances, dental implants need to be placed in esthetic zone where there is extensive alveolar bone loss from dentoalveolar infection or other pathology. In this session, predictable surgical approaches to implant placement in complex esthetic situations will be presented with long term results. Scientific and literature support for the approach will be extensively discussed. Base on a systematic way of evaluating soft and hard tissues, a protocol for selecting the appropriate implant surgical approaches to avoid esthetic nightmares will be presented. Examples of esthetic nightmares will be presented with explanation as to why they probably have occurred, and how they could have been avoided. Surgical techniques to correct these esthetic problems will be discussed in detail. The importance of the four critical steps of surgical strategy for predictable esthetic outcome in implant therapy will be stressed.

Learning Objective:
-Understanding what dental literature is truly saying?
-Understanding why anterior aesthetic nightmares occur.
-Accurate evaluation of soft and hard tissues for
anterior esthetics.
-Principles and execution of minimally invasive
approach to esthetic implant dentistry
-Surgical approaches and techniques most often used
for predictable esthetics
-Understanding the four important surgical strategies
to achieve predictable esthetics.
-Understanding the principles of predicting osseous
regeneration around exposed implants

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